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That’s how you debate.

In order to keep our game tight, the Razorfish media department will be convening for another rousing debate this Thursday, March 17th. Following tradition, we’ll be divvied up into two teams and argue like crazy for one side of a polarizing issue which probably has reasonable answer somewhere in the middle.  

Andy Dutter, Razorfish VP of Business Development will be our guest judge so lookout for the recap next week to see which side emerged victorious.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear which side you’ll be pulling for in the comments below.

Without further ado, here are the battle lines:

Team 1: View-based conversions are totally legit. ComScore’s Natural Born Clickers studies have continually shown that click-based metrics effectively ignore the 85%+ of web users who don’t click on banner ads; view conversions allow us to paint a more complete and inclusive view of ad effectiveness.

Team 2: View-based conversions are totally wack.  They hardly provide a “holistic” view of the impact of digital campaigns and are largely at fault for the industry’s over-investment in bottom funnel display tactics. 

 If you need some help getting in the mood for debate-day, here’s some food for thought:

  • In a February white-paper titled RTB Hits the Mainstream, Forrester Research reported that more than $350 million was spent on real time bidding platforms in 2010 with the figure expected to top $820 million in 2011.  Last-view conversions have precipitated this escalation of investment in DSP’s/ad exchanges by providing a highly standardized metric to optimize towards while underscoring the ROI efficiency that can be obtained through RTB models. As we increasingly treat impressions like commodities, will we continue to evaluate exchange inventory through a generic lens (such as last-view/CPA) or will there be a trend towards more customized, advertisers-specific evaluation criteria. 


  •  Recently released data from Medialets offered a view into benchmarks that are starting taking shape in the mobile rich media space.  Particularly interesting: full-screen iPad rich interstitial units are garnering an average engagement rate of 11% and a CTR of 4%.  Assume for a second that we are at the dawn of a new era where content is consumed increasingly through the fingertips and decreasingly through the click of a mouse.  Given all we know about how the intent behind a “click” has become less and less meaningful over time should make the same assumptions about taps and swipes? Will these new screens be as heavily reliant on view metrics now that engagement has been redefined?


John Koenigsberg

About Blogger:
John Koenigsberg is currently a Media Planner at Razorfish. Since 2008 he has worked to perfect the art of putting “heads in beds” for Starwood Hotels. At present, he oversees media planning initiatives for the Fortune 500 hotelier’s Westin, W Hotels, Le Meridien, and Luxury Collection brands. He brings with him his passion for social media, video game advertising & game mechanics. John was born and raised in Greenwich Village, NYC and has a BSBA from Boston University School of Management. Twitter: @jmko

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